September 2011

Presenter Name(s): 
Karen Geraci
Marisa Mazzulla
Webinar Title: 
Workforce Essential Skills


This webinar will:
  • Provide an introduction to workforce Essential Skills
  • Introduce WESCan, focusing on the project’s role in furthering understanding of workforce Essential Skills and the tools to assist agencies as they implement or enhance this type of programming
  • Provide a brief overview of how this type of program can be implemented
  • Outline the benefits of this type of programming approach

Karen is a researcher and writer whose interests include adult literacy, Essential Skills and workplace education. Many of her publications are designed to help adult learners understand workplace skill requirements; these include PTP’s workwrite series, OLC’s Finding Your Way at Work, as well as customized classroom resources for industry and sector councils.

Marisa has experience in assessment, research, curriculum guidelines and learning materials development. Her on-going work includes researching and writing Essential Skills Profiles, developing materials for use with literacy and English language learners and defining language demands for occupations.

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Webinar Date: 
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - 1:00pm