As the needs of the adults evolve in response to changes in technology and our world, Essential Skills Ontario adapts its research to respond to and plan for forces shaping the skills needs of adults in the province.

Ideas, key research and policy priorities are generated through the examination of a variety of sources, including both federal and provincial government agendas, information and data from the literacy and essential skills field in Ontario, what is happening in other jurisdictions (across Canada and internationally), labour market information, insights from our members and partners and our own research.

Essential Skills Ontario works toward a system that better matches the training provided to adults with the demands of the local labour market. We research ways to provide workplace training to adults who need to learn on the job.
Essential Skills Ontario researches and advises ways to better integrate and align supports and services for parents and caregivers so they can foster a culture of learning in their homes.
Essential Skills Ontario helps programs and frontline staff communicate their success stories through data while developing road maps for organizations to use information as a tool to discover what works - a key to better and higher quality service to students.
Essential Skills Ontario looks into the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) – the most comprehensive and ambitious survey of skills ever undertaken amongst OECD countries. The survey provides a unique opportunity to not only measure skill levels, but examines how skills are used at work and the relationships between skills and socioeconomic outcomes.
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