Statistics Canada Releases Fact Sheet: Economic Downturn and Educational Attainment

Statistics Canada has recently released a fact sheet that examines unemployment levels during the 2008-2009 recession, finding that employment losses were more severe for those without a high school diploma. During this period, the number of individuals without high school graduation who held a job decreased by 10.2%. By contrast, those with postsecondary education (trades, college, CEGEP or university certificate below a bachelor’s degree; a bachelor’s degree or beyond) experienced more stable employment levels. As well, those with postsecondary education recovered more quickly from employment losses than those without postsecondary.

Essential Skills Ontario is currently working on releasing a series of research briefs that carries on the conversation first addressed in our widely received Menial No More report, in order to examine the challenges and opportunities in training adults without a high school diploma. The series, entitled Becoming State of the Art, encourages innovation in the delivery of literacy and essential skills to achieve results that matter for adults. The first research brief – Industry Shared Approaches: Aligning Literacy and Essential Skills with Economic Development - will be released in early July. The brief examines the concept of industry shared essential skills, an approach successfully being applied to workforce initiatives across the globe that directly involve employers and service providers in the co-design and delivery of training in order to leverage employment opportunities for job-seekers with complex needs.

News Date: 
Tuesday, July 3, 2012