September 2012

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John MacLaughlin

While employment rates in Ontario are on the rise, the recession has not ended for everyone. There are still 900,000 Ontarians without a high school diploma who face employment challenges. 

Clearer Sightlines to Employment: What Works for Job-Seekers with Low Educational Attainment is the second in a series of research briefs on Becoming State of the Art from Essential Skills Ontario which encourages innovation in the delivery of literacy and essential skills. The brief suggests that by involving business and industry representatives in the design and delivery of literacy and essential skills training, the situation can be improved.
Join Essential Skills Ontario Tuesday, September 18 at 1:00PM ET for our webinar – Creating Clearer Sightlines to Employment - hosted by John MacLaughlin, Manager of Research and Business Development at Essential Skills Ontario. 
In this free, one hour webinar, participants will:
• Gain an understanding of recent data and analysis on the employment prospects of those with low educational attainment
• Examine the correlations between the issues of low educational attainment, income support and poverty
• Learn what employment supports seems to be working for adults with low educational attainment 
• Discover how we can go forward in Ontario with new models of integrated programming
There will be time for questions at the end of the webinar.
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Creating Clearer Sightlines to Employment

John has a long and distinguished career in the literacy field in both Canada and internationally. He was the founding Executive Director of the Preparatory Training Program, one of the largest community-based literacy programs in Ontario. He helped develop, initiate and manage Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy’s information and referral service for literacy and ESL and was a founding board member of Essential Skills Ontario.

As Manager of Program, Business and Partnership Development at Essential Skills Ontario, John is leading a number of initiatives and applied research related to labour market development, effective program design, performance improvement and accountability. His current and recent projects involve several initiatives related to understanding skills-biased technological changes in the labour market, creating effective service design for the vulnerable and examining the possibilities inherent in career pathways models

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 1:00pm