October 2011

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Tracy Defoe

This free, one-hour webinar focuses on what workplace learning practitioners, especially those specialized in literacy and essential skills, need to know about Continuous Improvement (also known as Lean) as a workplace culture imperative for many industries worldwide. Understanding Continuous Improvement helps in communicating, working effectively, and tailoring content and methods for workplaces on a Lean journey.

In this webinar we will:

• Introduce the basic concepts of Continuous Improvement
• Consider the learning demands of Continuous Improvement on the individual, the team, and the organization
• Review examples of material, approaches, and learning from real life experience and from  literature
• Flag some of the contested terrain of Lean in workplaces
• Discuss your questions, and leave with a resource list for further learning

Webinar Title: 
What is Continuous Improvement? What you Should Know about Lean

Tracy Defoe and The Learning Factor Inc. work with forward-thinking companies, community organizations and their partners on the learning and literacy challenges of the workforce. Her work typically involves research, program design and development, delivering customized training, teaching peer trainers, evaluation and being a catalyst for change.

Tracy Defoe is well-known as a trail-blazer in participatory workplace education embedding literacies, essential skills and personal development with changing work content ranging from forest practices to lean manufacturing. Tracy is also known for high standards in practice; she has mentored and instructed many practitioners.

She has headed up three workplace learning programs that have received Excellence Awards. Tracy Defoe has a Master of Arts in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from the University of British Columbia where she started her career in English as a Second Language education. She has many publications and is one of the researchers and authors of Reading Work: Literacies in the New Workplace. She is presently researching literacy and essential skills in the workplace with a team in British Columbia, developing curricula and supporting manufacturing workers who are learning how to live continuous improvement together.

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Webinar Date: 
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 1:00pm