New CIBC Report Highlights Issue of Labour Mismatch in Canada

According to a new report from CIBC, 'The Haves and Have Nots of Canada’s Labour Market', the mismatch in the job market is a major risk to our economy. The report lists 25 occupations with labour shortages and 20 with labour surpluses. Report author and CIBC’s deputy chief economist, Benjamin Tal, asserts that things won’t get better for those in sectors with a labour surplus as their qualifications age and their skills become obsolete.

Essential Skills Ontario's latest research from our 'Becoming State of the Art' series speaks to some of the issues highlighted in CIBC's report. 'Industry Shared Approaches: Aligning Literacy and Essential Skills with Economic Development' discusses involving employers and service providers in the co-design and delivery of training to address the mismatch of supply and demand in labour markets. Read Industry Shared here:

'Clearer Sightlines to Employment: What Works for Job-Seekers with Low Educational Attainment' suggests that by involving business and industry representatives in the design and delivery of literacy and essential skills training, employment prospects of those with low educational attainment can be improved. Read Clearer Sightlines here:

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News Date: 
Monday, December 3, 2012