New 2014 Bulletin - An Overview of PIAAC

Essential Skills Ontario has just released the first of its 2014 Essential Skills Bulletins on PIAAC, the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies. As an organization committed to understanding the challenges of low-skilled and low-waged individuals, researchers at Essential Skills Ontario have been using the OECD’s public database to unpack and analyze PIAAC results in Canada and Ontario. The first bulletin - An Overview of PIAAC - gives an overview of the PIAAC results, some of the key findings, as well as how Canada and Ontario has fared in comparison to the OECD countries.

In the upcoming months, Essential Skills Ontario will be releasing a series of bulletins that analyzes the rich data found in the PIAAC background questionnaire, such as labour force status, participation in education and training, income and performance among various age groups and the relationship of skills and levels of educational attainment. Efforts have also been made to uncover casual relationships between variables using regression analysis. We hope these bulletins will prompt and inform discussions in the employment and training community.

To read the first 2014 Essential Skills Bulletin - An Overview of PIAAC - please click here or visit

News Date: 
Wednesday, February 5, 2014