Join Essential Skills Ontario for Free Webinar: Outcomes are Just the Beginning

As funding becomes tighter and more streamlined, data is more now a key indicator of accountability in service delivery. Practitioners, parents, students and funders are all becoming accustomed to seeing various measures for how learning, programs and systems are evaluated. At the same time, those working in educational settings often wonder about how data can be used for purposes beyond Return on Investment; in particular, how to employ data to help improve programs and outcomes for students. The integration of Literacy and Basic Skills, as part of Employment Ontario, has led many to wonder how to link data and accountability to program improvement.

Join Essential Skills Ontario Wednesday, July 25 at 1:00PM ET for a free, one hour webinar, Outcomes are Just the Beginning, hosted by Norman Rowen, a well-known figure in the literacy and essential skills field.

In this webinar, Norman will:
• Focus on helping practitioners consider some approaches and challenges to using the rich data available through EOIS/CaMS, as part of evidence-based program improvement plans
• Draw on his extensive experience with Pathways to Education, considering the question of what other data is needed for program improvement
• Consider how both quantitative and qualitative approaches are necessary for program improvement
• Consider how these important activities can promote more effective programs
• Examine the ways in which administrative staff to practitioners, can integrate data into program planning cycles

Watch the recorded webinar on our Spotlight on Learning website:

News Date: 
Tuesday, July 10, 2012