Join The Centre for Literacy and Essential Skills Ontario for Social Innovation Webinar

Over the past decade, the concept of Social innovation has emerged as an important topic in policy circles. Yet it is not always clear what social innovation actually is.

Join The Centre for Literacy, in partnership with Essential Skills Ontario, for a free webinar Tuesday, April 23 at 1:00PM ET, on The Centre for Literacy's new paper, Uncharted Territory: Can Social Innovation Revitalize Literacy and Essential Skills Programs?, hosted by John MacLaughlin and Ron Samson from Essential Skills Ontario and authors of the paper.

In this webinar, the hosts will describe the differences between social entrepreneurship, social intrapreneurship, social enterprise, and various types of social finance including social impact bonds. John and Ron will also pose some key questions and discuss if and how social innovation can be applicable to the field of Literacy and Essential Skills (LES).

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News Date: 
Tuesday, April 9, 2013