Essential Skills Ontario Releases Report - 'Stronger Together: Toward More Literate Communities'

Stronger Together: Toward More Literate Communities describes the family literacy environment in Ontario by mapping current programming and policy frameworks to identify gaps and opportunities within the system.

The research suggests not only that parents’ participation plays a key role in shaping child development, but that disadvantaged parents face more barriers in engaging in these practices. Complementary research shows that parents’ socio-economic circumstances and educational attainment levels have a direct effect on children’s outcomes.

Stronger Together: Toward More Literate Communities highlights the importance of continuing to streamline the delivery system and providing consistent educational opportunities for families. The paper provides a strong impetus for thinking strategically about how we can support educational opportunities for children and parents. This will require us to think beyond the traditional program silos of children’s, adult and family programs, towards thinking more broadly about the economic and social benefits of achieving more literate communities in Ontario.

News Date: 
Wednesday, June 13, 2012