Career Ladders: The Next Step in Three Communities

For many adults often caught in low-skill–low-wage jobs, the path through the training continuum may be intimidating, may not accommodate their working lives and may not necessarily be designed around their occupational advancement needs. Career Ladders is an approach that can help these adults advance within a specific industry, allowing them to advance to higher levels of education and employment. 
Over the past year, Essential Skills Ontario (ESO), in partnership with Literacy Link South Central (LLSC), the Literacy Network of Durham Region (LiNDR) and Literacy Northwest (LNW) have been working on Career Ladders: Helping Communities Toward Integrated and Responsive Service Delivery – an initiative that has made significant progress towards the development of this approach in several communities across Ontario. Through our work in Phase I, we developed a guide book - Career Ladders at One – that highlights aspects of the first year of the career ladders planning processes, providing insights into common challenges and offering practices to address those challenges.
We are pleased to be continuing this collaboration for the second phase of the initiative, Career Ladders: The Next Step in Three Communities, funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU). The second phase will build on the work of the first by creating plans for implementing Career Ladder frameworks in three communities in the Durham, Brant and Thunder Bay regions.
Phase II of the initiative will design industry-specific local career ladder training maps and implementation plans so the same three communities can develop and build local career ladders. Learnings from this work will provide other communities across Ontario with assistance in how they can organize, develop and launch their own local career ladders. The hope is to provide policymakers, practitioners and service providers with a better understanding of how local employment and training assets can be oriented and organized towards this approach. 
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Download Career Ladders at One: The Guide Book here
Download Échelons de carrière - Phase I here. (French)