What We Do

Essential Skills Ontario believes that a system that allows Ontarians to obtain the skills they need to be successful in the 21st Century can only happen through: a public policy that supports an essential skills training system; high-quality programming that provides superior service and supports the professional development of practitioners working with adults; and an adult education and training system that is accessible and easy for adults to navigate.

To help achieve this harmonious adult education and training system, Essential Skills Ontario:

  • Partners with diverse stakeholders (such as business and industry, labour groups, literacy support agencies and programs, social service organizations, other non-profits, and policy organizations) to research and pilot cutting-edge ways of delivering effective training
  • Informs policy by providing evidence-based research and pilot studies
  • Strengthens the capacity of practitioners to deliver the highest quality training possible through knowledge-sharing and professional development opportunities

Currently, our research focuses on four areas:

  • Elevating Ontario’s Workforce
  • Building Strong Communities
  • Delivering Results that Matter
  • Analyzing PIAAC

About Us