• ESO, along with our partners, are pleased to formally launch the Strengthening Rural Canada-Renforcer les communautés rurales du Canada initiative's website: strengtheningruralcanada.ca / renforcercommunautescanada.ca...   [  MORE  ]
  • Career Ladders at One builds on the experience of Essential Skills Ontario and our partners in the first phase of our work at testing the implementation of career ladders in Ontario, as well as incorporates research on career ladder processes in other jurisdictions...   [  MORE   ]
  • Join ESO Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 1:00PM ET for our webinar, ‘Elevate Canada: Early Learnings’, where Chris Perrin, Program Developer at ESO will provide an update on the project and what has been learned thus far...   [  MORE  ]


Essential Skills Ontario works to find the most innovative, efficient and effective training solutions to provide low-skilled adults with the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly-changing world. By conducting focused research and demonstration projects to inform policy and programming, Essential Skills Ontario delivers meaningful results to those who need it most.

Jan 21 2015

Essential Skills Ontario would like to invite you to complete this short survey to help us determine the challenges and challenges within Ontario’s training and employment field. This year’s survey focuses on issues related to vulnerable individuals as well as issues being faced by agencies across Ontario. Our hope is to compare these results to those of last year's survey. To take the survey please visit surveymonkey.com/s/RHNDZ7F

Jan 15 2015

Over the past few months, Essential Skills Ontario (ESO), in collaboration with various community service providers, have been working on developing and delivering an integrated employer-tailored curriculum using Alchemy Systems’ platform to train vulnerable adults in Ontario seeking employment in the food processing industry. For more information on the Elevate project, please register for our webinar ‘Elevate Canada: Early Learnings’, taking place Wednesday, February 4th at 1:00PM ET, where Chris Perrin, Program Developer at ESO, will provide an update on the project and lessons learned through the training of the first few cohorts.

Jan 8 2015

Over the past year, Essential Skills Ontario, in collaboration with provincial and territorial literacy coalitions, as well as a few other organizations, have been discussing Quality Assurance (QA) models and the possibility of applying these models to literacy and essential skills programming. Quality Assurance Initiatives in Literacy and Essential Skills: A Pan-Canadian Perspective Summary of Key Informant Interviews provides a summary of these key informant interviews - read the paper online.

Nov 10 2014

Funded by MTCU, Aligning and Measuring PS-TREs in the OALCF will relate new developments in digital skills – particularly PS-TREs – to the OALCF curriculum. The project will work with LBS practitioners to determine practical ways to integrate PS-TREs into classroom settings. As LBS practitioners become better versed in PS-TREs and how to incorporate them into the classroom, students will be better prepared for the complex digital skills they will need as they move forward in their goal paths.

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